Shaolin Kempo Chuan Fa - Links
Homepage of the Free Fight Union (FFU).
This association is led by Ulrich Pietzke. The founder of our Shaolin Kempo - Si Fu G. K. Meijers has been the world president of this association.
Homepage of the German Wushu Federation e.V..
This is the association, which first organized Si Fu G. K. Meijers' Shaolin Kempo in Germany.
Homepage of Chuan Su Pok Kek Kune,
the club which still has Hans Stresius, one of the first German students of Si Fu G. K. Meijers, amongst his active members.
Homepage of the Black Eagles
that root in the 2nd GSA Bonn, now being led by Christian Grüneberg.
Homepage of Kwoon Kerken e.V..
One of the most informative Kempo sites I know.
Homepage of the Vereinigung für Zen-Kampfkunst e.V..
(association for Zen-martial arts) This interesting site is published by Willy Horstmann, who also was one of Si Fu G. K. Meijers students.
Klaus Poestges and Rolf Welters, who both are Si Fu G. K. Meijers' students, run this club.
Homepage of the Kampfkunstschule Jin Long
led by Udo Dehmers in Wuppertal.
The page for ATKâ-self-defense
that was created by the founder of this system: Horst Weiland. This is one of the best links for anybody who is interested in close combat techniques.
This is the best Budo-encyclopaedia on the web I know.
This is an absolute must-see, which was created by Marco Benedetti.
A modern forum for martial arts and Dojos all over the world.
An informative page dealing with Budo sports in Germany.
The interesting and multilingual page of the Chuan Fa Gung Fu Association will give you a good idea of south Shaolin Kung Fu.
The page of the Shin Gi Tai Kempo Association Germany. This association represents Sifu-Tze G.K. Meijers' martial arts system in Germany.