Martial arts

Shaolin Kempo Chuan Fa is one of the oldest Chinese martial arts. Shaolin describes the descent of this system which origins in the Shaolin monastery, which is situated in the district of Henan in northern China. Kempo is the Japanese term for the Chinese term Chuan Fa, that might be translated as "the way of the fist". Shaolin Kempo Chuan Fa consists of elegant, precise and quick movements. These are especially practiced by doing Katas. These and other training methods provide the fighter to quickly evade enemy attacks and perform a counter attack against vulnerable parts of the enemy's body.
Dju Su is the "classic" self-defense, which derives from Kempo. Dju Su is the origin of the well-known Japanese Jiu Jitsu. It has no kinds of Katas, just a few stances and thus stresses the self-defense aspect, where the enemy's power is used against him. The most important aspects are not only hitting and kicking, but also levering, choking and throwing techniques. That's why falling techniques are also very important for practising Dju Su.