Preface: contact

All techniques of partner exercises shall be done with light, medium or full contact, depending on skill level and hitting-zone. However, an exact pre-briefing and approval of both students is crucial. Certainly nobody will be forced to do harder contact, but the principle of contact is important, as this is the only way to find out how a technique really works. Additionally a student that does exercises with increasing contact will be prepared if he ever encounters a fight in real life.

Shaolin Kempo Chuan Fa

The techniques of Shaolin Kempo Chuan Fa are more or less adapted from the book "Shaolin-Kempo Kung-Fu". In exams basic techniques, a number of Kumites (partner exercises), self-defense techniques and Katas will be tested. Additionally some theoretical aspects will be discussed. Possible questions could be taken from e.g. the history of Kempo, or anatomy of vulnerable body parts. Exams for advanced students also include free fighting (semi-contact).