The club

The group
Shaolin Kempo Chuan Fa is the latest martial arts group of the Sports club Solingen-Süd 1909 e.V.. We practice martial arts and self-defense. Our Dojo is the new gym next to the outdoor swimming pool Schellbergtal in Solingen

Training hours
No training available do date

Our dojo has about 100 sqmt of Tatami (mat also used for Judo) and enough room to comfortably chat after training hours. Although the locker rooms are not finished yet, we will have dressing rooms and modern showers shortly.

Allright, this is going to be a little complicated if you are not familiar with Solingen. So just send me an Email.

As we are the latest group in this club, the exact fees have not been calculated yet. However you might use the contributions of the Sports club Solingen-Süd 1909 e.V. and the close combat section as a starting point. This means that adults will pay an annual of 95 and 10 admission fee. Exam fees are about 15 for a Kyu-test.